After seeing several dealers using this three tier easel at a recent show, I was blown away with the concept. What could be better, a way to display three cases at one time in an attractive way? Still, it was hard to tell how awesome these were until we received one to review in American Digger Magazine. The full review will be in Vol 8, Issue 3, but I had to go ahead and tell you how much I like it. Congratulations on a very well made and attractive product for anyone who displays finds in cases. Plus 100% Made in America? It doesn’t get any better than that!

Once the full review is published, you're welcome to use that one, too. An awesome product like yours deserves full exposure!

Butch Holcombe, Publisher
American Digger Magazine

Butch Holcombe

American Digger Magazine

Sirs: I'm very much pleased with my Knock Down Display stand. In the two days I used it at the Franklin Tn. C.W. show, I found it to be sturdy and that it draws attention to my tables. Also, it saves room on my tables for at least two more large trays. I'm glad to have your stand. Thank you!

Bob Edmonson

Bob's Button Barn - Dillard, Georgia

I have been doing relic shows for 30 years and I appreciate innovation.

My Knock down Display Rack allows me to display twice as many relics and artifacts in the same amount of space. Each of my display cases is 12 by 18 inches. I can display 10 cases on an 8 foot table. With the racks I could display 20 cases on the same table. Translation: Fewer tables are required to display my relics. The price of the rack is about the same as table rent. Rent one less table at each show and the racks pay for themselves.

An added benefit is that I can select cases that display best at eye level and rotate them around so that the mix seems new each time a potential buyer sees them.

Ben Martin

As a hobbiest/dealer/collector, I have set up displays in wooden cases and Riker cases at Civil War and Native American artifact shows for more than 25 years. The Knock Down Display is the best solution I have found for presenting the maximum number of cases in the least amount of table space. With this product, I can display four large cases in the same space normally occupied by two cases.

The product is well-made and of the highest quality material. It is very light, yet very strong and stable. Although it does not need securing, it can be clamped down for extra stability. It is very easy to assemble and to disassemble. in approximately one to two minutes and stores easily in a flat box that is transportable in vehicles where space is at a premium. The Knock Down Display has my vote as the best solution to display space problems.

Danny Brown

Dear Sirs:
I wanted to let you know that the Knock Down Display 3 Tier Easel is an exceptional product. This past weekend was the Franklin, TN Civil War Show and I used 2 of the easels on an 8 foot table. By using the easel, I was able to take a 1/3 of the table space for items other than my usual display cases.
The customers commented on how well they were able to see the small items in the display cases as they were angled in such a way that the light relected off of the glass.
I found the easel to be of sturdy construction and fit on an 8 foot table quite well.
Once again, I would highly recommend this product to fellow dealers.

Steve Strickland

Dixie Relics & Antiques